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As my nephew once said to his mom when he was about 5 years old,  NothingButTheTruth“Mom, I just can’t stop thinking.” I feel the same way, and when I think, I write.

In addition to co-authoring The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels, I have an essay in Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women on Life’s Transitions,  which you can buy here, and in Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex and Work in Our 40s, which you can buy here (all proceeds go toward the Breast Cancer Fund).

I’m a contributor to the Huffington Post divorce section (hey — if you are twice divorced, you generally have something to say about divorce); Divorce Force, Role Reboot; the Good Men Project; Your Tango; and, of course, you can find my writing  on the Marin IJ web site.

Here are some recent ramblings:


Marriage should not come with any social benefits or privileges

There is a better way to parent than the nuclear family

A temporary marriage makes more sense than marriage for life

The Washington Post

There are 107 million single Americans. Why do politicians rarely mention us?

Singles, want to know how to survive the holidays?

I’ve been married twice and I have no desire to do it again

The New York Times Room for Debate

The appeal of alone time for the over-50 crowd

When divorce is a family affair

The Guardian

Forget conscious uncoupling: The way forward for families is platonic parenting


Here’s why Brangelina’s marriage—or yours—shouldn’t have to last forever

Society has it wrong: Married people shouldn’t get benefits that single people do not


Why our kids need others to love them

Role Reboot

Alloparenting: Because parents can’t do it alone

What I learned from two divorces

Huffington Post:

Is It OK to Ditch Your Spouse for Your Soul Mate?

Tragedy Reminds Us of What Really Matters                                     KP_Cover

Why Divorced People Turn to Bad Habits to Cope

How Not to Save a Marriage

Are Childless Couples Headed for Divorce?

‘Friends With Benefits” and The Newly Divorced

Is Divorce Harder on An Only Child?

Are Men Society’s Scapegoats?

Hot Or Not Why Women Shouldn’t Pick Attractive Husbands (this post caused quite the flurry — everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Jezebel to “The View”)

Get It On Or Get Divorced

Does Porn Watching Lead to Divorce?

IJ articles:

Vintage auto photos inspire Kentfield artist

Sausalito marbler turns art into social commentary for ‘Migration

Tiburon documentary filmmaker debugs tech’s gender gap in ‘Code’

Marin filmmakers tell personal story of the Holocaust in ‘Surviving Skokie

Novato photographer Beth Moon captures world’s most ancient and compelling trees

Sweet turn of events for West Marin native Claire Ptak

West Marin cardiologist finds his heart again in art

Documentary on honor killings features San Rafael expert

Marin woman’s memoir explores the many complications of motherhood

‘The Wolfpack’ opens up world for former Mill Valley woman and her subjects

Actor Peter Coyote’s second memoir honors the mentors who helped shape him

Novato artists take a tender look at mortality

Marin an imperfect paradise in Rebecca Foust’s ‘Paradise Drive’

Skateboard photographer Brian Gaberman feels lucky to still be in his element

Marin counselors offer their take on AshleyMadison.com hack

All the news that’s fit to paint

Jennifer Siebel Newsom takes on the boy crisis in ‘The Mask You Live In’

Diane Keaton explores aging as she heads to Marin

Never too late to find love, says Mill Valley’s Eve Pell

Mill Valley’s Butler questions end-of-life care in memoir

Cooking with conscience

Elizabeth Gilbert: The marrying kind after all

Rich history of Fort Baker comes alive

Daughter’s Down syndrome inspires San Rafael’s Dixie James

Philosophers to ponder ‘What is love?’ in Mill Valley

San Anselmo filmmaker’s documentary questions whether marriage is still relevant

Author Iris Krasnow reveals secrets to staying married

Marin’s Beth Behr is 1 lucky girl for role in ‘2 Broke Girls’

Tiburon author’s anthology looks at mom’s conflicted feelings

Mommy Tracked columns:

Bad Parents: Are We Teaching Our Kids to Misbehave?

Mom loves you best

Heard it through the grapevine

An “F” in math

It’s not fair!

TMI, Mom!

Key to career success: Divorce

What a mom wants

The cure for sick kids
A pretty good mom
The party house
Ann Coulter vs. single moms
My husband, my career
Baby on board
Mad at dad
Who you calling cheap?
Single mama drama

Q&A’s with:

Christine Carter, “Raising Happiness” author

Allison Evanow, CEO of Square One vodka

Jessica Herrin of Stella & Dot

 Laurie David of “The Family Table” and “An Inconvenient Truth”

Lisa Quinn, HGTV host

Kimberly Danek Pinkson, EcoMom founder

Anne Zehren, Common Sense Media founder

Julie Aigner-Clark, Baby Einstein founder

Kate Thorp, DivineCaroline founder

Sharla Sumpter Bridgett, Disney TV producer

Kristin van Ogtrop, editor of Real Simple

Leigh-Allyn Baker, actress

Lori Gottlieb, author

Marni Jameson, columnist and author

Laura Howard, Laloo goat milk ice cream entrepreneur

Penelope Trunk, Brazen Careerist blogger

Michelle Slatalla, NYT cyber-columnist

Ayelet Waldman, “Bad Mother” author

Lisa Stone, Blogher founder

3 Responses to “Other writing”

  1. Rich Brown says:

    Thanks for your article “Can Loving a Robot Lead to Divorce?” It was handled with humor and a little distance that hopefully made it palatable for most. In your scenarios, your questions dealt with a strictly robotic “adversary” for attention and affections. Hold on to your hat because I can predict the future! The next twist is going to be a sexbot with full human interaction. Some entreprenuer is going to see that all they have to do is add a wifi link and take a credit card and put a live sex-chat operator into your robot. Maybe they’ll even add some web-based movement options so the operator can literally push your buttons. Please don’t forward this email to the makers of Roxxxy. I’d hate to be responsible for setting this revolting development into action.

    Thanks again,

    Rich Brown

    • TATA says:

      This war on monogamy you perpetrate in most of ur writings are a Cop out BS -easy way out–why bother to tend the garden? If the plant is sick and the weeds grow–rip it out by the roots and buy another one! Speak to the X-husbands. Sure they have plenty to say too! Tata

  2. OMGchronicles
    Twitter: OMGchronicles

    Thanks for your comment, Rich, and your kind words. I always try to write with humor but that often falls flat when it’s about what people just don’t want to imagine!
    What you describe is a very real scenario. The robots of the future will be highly interactive, which, even as an old sci-fi fan, I find somewhat unsettling. Fascinating, but unsettling. Happy holidays!

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